Om Tandon


Author & Consultant

Guest writer: Deconstructor of Fun

Om’s been in the games industry for over 14 years building teams, processes & pipelines. Creating massively entertaining & monetizing experiences for worlds best known IP's & brands including, Disney, 20th Century Fox, Hasbro, Blue Sky, CBS and many more. A pioneer in the area of writing about UX in games, he has held several mentoring & leadership roles, Ex UX Director at DIGIT Games, Senior UX Designer at Gameloft, Creative Director (UX/UI) at JUNE Software, Principal UX/UI Designer at WMS (Aquired by Scientific Gaming)

Titles worked on: Star Trek: Fleet Command, Ice Age Adventures, Ice Age Avalanche, My Little Pony, Wizard of OZ, Hardy Boys: The Perfect Crime, Alice in Wonderland.

Om has years of experience in analyzing & building products from ground up and fixing whats broken in live products. 

Having an academic background in Behavioral Economics and product design helps him bring a balanced view to design solution keeping in mind users needs and business goals he can be reached at

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